The team from Piraeus University of Applied Sciences visited from 26.11.2017 — 01.12.2017, in the framework of the ERASMUS+ International  Credit Mobility program, Moscow.

During their stay and according to the aims of the mobility, professor Giannakopoulos: According to the program lectured for 8 hours. The topics were:

  • IT and

«    Legal Issues and Creative Commons.

  • Arithmetic Systems’ Model of working with and arithmetic System.
  • Project Management / Risk

Met the Academic staff who is involved in the ERASMUS+ICM program. Also the Administrative personnel of each University who is involved in the ERASMUS +ICM program participated to the discussions. The main topic was about the annual number of mobilities of staff and students during the next Semester. It was announced that the available places for Russia are extremely limited.

The enhancement of the collaboration and the possibilities for common research were also discussed. There is a great interest for the second level students exchange and it is the first priority for the Universities. It was clarified that any students should not pay any fee to the receiving institution. All the University degrees awarded by the Universities were explained in details from the hosting institutions. The fees for M.Sc. degrees vary from

280.000 (HSE) to 350.000 rubles (MIPT) per year (for two years of studies).

Also he participated in Russian Duma’s opening on Monday as well as in the presentation of the Diplomas to the researchers Worldwide who participated in the Contest for the International Ecology Prize “Eco-World”. Main countries involved, apart from Russia were Greece, Mongolia, Vietnam, Moldova, Uzbekistan and other ex-Soviet Union countries. The presidium proposed to PUAS representatives to organise a similar event in PUAS in two years time with the same theme main idea: “Eco-World”.

The visited Universities were MIPT MSU and HSE Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE).

At MSU (Lomonosov, Global Processes) (meeting with the Deputy Dean Alexander Gasparishvili and the Administrative personnel).

At MIEM HSE meeting with the Deputy Director for Research Sergey Aksenov and the Alexander Belov and of course all the involved administrative personnel.

At MIPT meeting with the Director of the Center of International Cooperation Anna Shomikova and Irina Obukhova. Also the administrative personnel (Marina Fomina) participated in the discussions.

At the Academy RANS with the President of the Academy Professor Oleg Kuznetsov and Prof. Ltda Ivanitskaya First Secretary of the Academy, and Chairwoman of the Organising Committee of the Contest for the International Ecology Prize “EcoWorld”. Also he met with the State Duma’s Deputy and chairwoman of the supervisory board Elena Panina. Also with the chairman of the Prize committee Jury Rakhmanin.