The University of West Attica (UniWA) is an independent and self-governed Higher Education Institute. It was established by a special law in March 2018 after the merging of two Universities of Applied Sciences (Athens and Piraeus) into the University of West Attica. UniWA is the 3rd biggest University in Greece, including 5 Faculties, 26 Departments accommodating more than 40,000 under- and post-graduate students.

The premises of UniWA are located into 2 campuses (of the former Universities) with a distance of 5 km between them, connecting them with a bus. They are approximately 5-10 km away from the port of Piraeus and 5-10 km away from Athens city center. Regular buses connect UniWA with the centers of Athens and Piraeus. Bus lines connect the metro station “Aigaleo” to UniWA (2 km away from each campus). The two campuses include several buildings with the equivalent of space 100.000 sqm (50.000 sqm). Among them the Conference Centers, Libraries, IT Centers and facilities that cover all students’ needs and support academic activities.

The educational staff, the special technical staff and the administrative staff work for the goals of the University of West Attica. UniWA offers technological, theoretical and practical education directly applied to the needs of the market. Courses last for eight (8) semesters, including an optional three to six-month period of practical training (Internship) and a final-year dissertation following the ECTS system. The study at UniWA is provided free of tuition and education material and is supervised by the Ministry of Education of Greece. UniWA has been awarded by the EU with ECTS and Diploma Supplement Labels.

University of West Attica consists of the total of twenty six (26) Departments, grouped in five (5) Schools:


School of Engineering (SENG)

  • Biomedical Engineering Department
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department
  • Industrial Design & Production Engineering Department
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering Department
  • Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Naval Architecture Engineering Department
  • Surveying & Geoinformatics Engineering Department


School of Food Sciences (SFS)

  • Food Science & Technology
  • Wine, Vine and Beverage Sciences 

School of Business, Economics & Social Sciences (SBESS)

  • Archival, Library & Information Studies
  • Business Administration
  • Tourism Management
  • Social Work
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Early Childhood Education & Care


School of Applied Arts & Culture (SAAC)

  • Graphic Design & Visual Communication
  • Interior Architecture
  • Conservation of Antiquities & Works of Art
  • Photography & Visual Arts


School of Health & Care Sciences (SHCS)

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Public & Community Health
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy


UniWA also offers PhD and more than 50 Master’s programs that are officially incorporated into the educational system.  Some of them in collaboration with Universities of EU and USA in English language. Others in collaboration with Greek Universities and self-organized by UniWA in Greek language.

UniWA corporates with other educational and research institutions and participates in several European Union programs with other Universities to

  • constantly improve its academic level
  • build international cooperation and sharing of knowledge
  • reach its goals