Professor Theodore Ganetsos PIRAEUS UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES (PUAS), invited members of the academic staff of UTAR University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and Dr. Wai-Kong Lee, Dr. Boon-Yaik Ooi, Dr. Wai-Khuen Cheng and Dr. Hock-Guan Gohto in order to visit Piraeus University of Applied Sciences between 29/10/2017 and 05/11/2017 in the framework of ERASMUS+ / International Credit Mobility (ICM) program.

The four members of the Academic Personnel of the UTAR University visited Piraeus University of Applied Sciences on Monday, 30th October. The purpose of their visit was to gather information about the educational and research work of PUAS and explore the possible areas of scientific cooperation.

The Vice-Rector, Prof. Dimitrios Tseles and Prof. Theodoros Ganetsos updated the Academics, Wai-Kong Lee, Boon-Yaik Ooi, Wai-Khuen Cheng and Teik-Boon Tan, on PUAS’ academic work and research novelties.

The Academics were impressed of PUAS’ academic and research work and accepted with great pleasure their participation in a joint research program that will be submitted soon.

Moreover, during their visit, they had the following activities:

  • Oral presentations of the members of UTAR to undergraduate students and to postgraduate students to the following topics

1) Introduction to IoT (Boon-Yaik, Ooi)

2) Research Activities on Cryptography and Energy Harvesting (Wai-Kong, Lee)

3) Smart Community and Cloud-based Services (Wai-Khuen, Cheng

4) Software Testing Techniques and Test Documentation Teik-Boon, Tan)

  • Meetings between PUAS and UTAR representatives discussing the following prospectives:

  • Plan of teaching and training activities for the staff members of TITLI and PUAS

  • Plan of PUAS and TITLI post-graduate students mobilities

  • Cooperation in common EU educational and research programs

  • Common participation in international publications and conferences

  • Organization of undergraduate course modules & Master programs in fields of common interest

  • Preparing the next steps for the new ERASMUS+/ICM proposal by PUAS

  • The representatives of UTAR had a long tour to PUAS campus, laboratories, lecture rooms, library etc., accompanied by PUAS Academic staff members.

  • Professor Th. Ganetsos and the members of UTAR had a skype meeting with Professor Martin Schubert (Regensburg University of Applied Sciences) and decided to submit two common proposal to an open call for research funding concerning:

– Culture heritage- Specific monuments monitoring using smart sensors and non-destructive techniques and

– Decision making system for a fish farming using real time signals from a an autonomous floating platform

  • Professors from UTAR invited Dr. Theodore Ganetsos and his colleagues to visit UTAR – MALAYSIA IN THE FRAMEWORK OF ERASMUS+ / INTERNATIONAL CREDIT MOBILITY PROGRAM from 18th up to 25th pf February 2018.

Photos :