Student Mobility for Studying

Requirements for participating at Erasmus+


  • Having completed 1st academic year’s courses
  • Inter-institutional agreement with partner HEI
  • Competent language level

Erasmus+ Duration

  • The duration of the program can last from 3 months up to 12 months
  • Students can participate at the Erasmus mobility either on an undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level for up to 12 months.

Rights and Obligations

  • The receiving HEI will issue a Certificate of Attendance and a Transcript of Records, where the courses description, marks and ECTS awarded will be presented.
  • The student is exempted from the respective courses of sending HEI , only if the selected courses at the receiving HEI (UniWA) are recognized and matched with the sending HEI courses.
  • The student is exempted from any fees regarding the receiving HEI  (i.e. registration, exams , campus entry, library etc.). However, the student individually handles all accomodation and dietary issues.

General Information

The total grant per month for Erasmus+ / International Credit Mobility  Students is calculated from the State Scholarships Foundation annually and is divided in personal and travel grant. The personal grant is 800 euros per month and the travel grant is calculated according to the distance between UniWA and the home (sending) HEI.
The Application Form and all the supporting documentation should be sent by e-mail on time at Erasmus+ Office ( according to the procedure.
It is noted that the documents with electronic signatures are allowed by the EU.Applications without the relative supporting documentation will not be taken into consideration.

Before the mobility

Step 1:  Erasmus+ ICM Application Form + ID/Passport (Please e-mail it to our office: in pdf format)
Step 2:  Invitation letter from UniWA.
Step 3:  Learning Agreement Student Mobility for Studies (LA)
As soon as the application is approved by UniWA, the procedure of the LA completion follows:

  • The applicant must fill in the data
  • Final check and approval by UniWA before signatures (especially the modules and ECTS selection)
  • Returned to the participant for signatures by the authorities of the home University (applicant and IR)
  • Signed by the authorities of the host University (IR)
  • E-mailed to UniWA in pdf format
    Attention: Electronic signatures and circulation of scanned format documents are allowed by the program except the Grant Agreement (GA).

Step 4:  VISA
All incoming participants to UniWA from non-EU countries need to apply and hold a valid visa.
In general, the procedure is followed:

  • The participant contacts the nearest authorized Greek Embassy or Consulate in order to receive information regarding all the necessary documents and the procedure he has to follow (Greek Missions around the world can be found at:
  • Applying for visa, the Invitation Letter or the Mobility Agreement signed and stamped by UniWA is needed.
  • All the necessary documents are sent to the Greek Authorities via e-mail, informing them also about the expected mobility.
    Attention: It is advised to start the visa application process as soon as possible (more than one month before the mobility), since the procedures usually require a considerable amount of time.
    Attention: Possible expenses for visa will be paid by the program upon receiving the relevant receipt via e-mail.

Step 5:  Insurance
All the participants are obliged to have adequate insurance coverage. The following insurances are mandatory (Be careful – Travel insurance is not enough):

  1. Health care insurance
  2. General liability insurance coverage for third party
  3. Personal accident coverage
  • issued in home country
  • valid for the host country
  • valid for the whole period of mobility and
  • issued or translated in English
    Attention: Expenses for insurance are covered by the participant.

Step 6:  Travel Ticket

  • All the participants are responsible for issuing their travel ticket.
  • The travel costs include all possible public travel means that the grantee may use in order to arrive to the final destination. The amount is constant no matter what means the grantee will use.
    Attention: In exceptional cases, UniWA will pre-purchase the travel ticket on behalf of the Student grantee (the cost of the travel ticket will be deducted from the total grant).

Step 7:  Grant Agreement (GA)
The procedure of the Grant Agreement completion follows:

  • Sent to participant in word format
  • The applicant must fill in the data
  • Final check and approval by UniWA before signatures
  • Returned to the participant for signatures
  • E-mailed to UniWA in pdf format
    Attention: Electronic signatures and circulation of scanned format documents are allowed by the program except the Grant Agreement. Therefore, UniWA incoming participants should hand in the original document (in 2 copies) as soon they arrived at UniWA.

Step 8:  Grant Transfer
As soon as the Grant Agreement with the participant’s signature is received by UniWA via e-mail, the process of transferring the 70% of the grant to the participant will be initiated. The necessary documents for the grant transfer, which should be e-mailed to UniWA are scanned copies of the participant’s:

  • ID/Passport
  • Visa
  • Bank account details
  • Insurance (translated in English, if not issued)
  • Issued air ticket and boarding passes – Both (going & returning) boarding passes have to be sent to UniWA after the mobility
    Attention: All UniWA incoming Students grantees are required to have or open a bank account in their home country in order to receive the grant.
    Attention: There is a possibility for the incoming Students grantees to open a bank account in Greece upon their request as soon as they arrived at UniWA.

UniWA will pay the remaining 30% of the grant after the end of the mobility and the completion of the following:

  • Successful submission of the online EU survey sent to the participant at the end of the mobility period.
  • The certificate of attendance issued by the host University.
  • All boarding passes and/or tickets used by the participant sent back via e-mail to UniWA.

During the mobilty

  • Visit the respective Erasmus Office at the partner HEI to complete the Certificate of Arrival , which should be sent electronically at . It would be of great assistance to attend all the prepared events for Erasmus students (orientation week)
  • If , for any reason, you want to modify the education plan, you should contact both the Erasmus Ofifce at the partner HEI and UniWA Erasmus Office, as there is already a signed Learning Agreement. In that case you should complete the “Section to be completed during the mobility”.
  • Visit regularly UniWA Erasmus Office website and contact us if any issue arise.

After the mobility

Download files :